St Peter & St Paul 
Church of England Primary School

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Meet our staff

We have some great people working here at St Peter and St Paul, from a variety of backgrounds with experience in many areas. In addition to teachers the school has teaching assistants, midday supervisors and administration support, all of which help the school day run more smoothly.


Mr D Hurdman

Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events and great minds discuss ideas. Really great minds discuss Mathematics!
Or so says Mr. Hurdman anyway. Other acceptable discussion topics include F1, Portsmouth FC and Coventry Bees speedway team. The list of unacceptable topics is headed by temperamental IT equipment!
Mr. Hurdman believes that every child should make the most of their one chance at school, so children in his class are encouraged to aim for perfection. Although this itself may not be achievable, by doing so they are more likely to achieve excellence!

Teaching Staff

Mrs Gould

Reception / Foundation Stage

Reception teacher, Mrs Gould, is best known for going to work to have fun and play!
She is proud Mummy to Emily and calls all the children she teaches “her babies” (even when they are almost ready for Year 1!)
She loves to sing and in her youth was an award winning dancer. These days is her favourite way to “boogie”.
Mrs Gould’s first teaching post was way back in 1992. So she’s even taught some of Burgh School’s Parents!

Miss Holmes

Year 1

I’m the Year 1 teacher and I have been teaching at Burgh School for 15 years. I have taught Year 1 for two years and before that I taught Foundation Stage. I have good knowledge of the EYFS and this helps me to understand the learning needs of our younger children as they move to Year 1.
I try to be an encouraging and helpful teacher and do my best to make lessons in Year 1 fun!
Out of school I love exciting days out with my own son and spending time exploring new places in my caravan.

Miss Leetham

SENDCo, Year 2

Miss Leetham is our Year 2 class teacher. She is strict, yet kind and funny. She has high expectations of our work and our behaviour and encourages us to be more independent in our work so that we are ready to become Juniors in Year 3.
Miss Leetham always sorts out any problems we have. She is very caring and understanding. We like her cuddles when we are sad! Her favourite subject to teach is Numeracy.
Miss Leetham loves cats but hates spiders! We have to take them outside if we can see them in the classroom.

Mrs Pitwell

Year 3

Mrs. Pitwell is eager to help the Y3 children continue their learning journey in school. She has high expectations of work and behaviour and encourages perseverance and positive attitudes when facing challenges. Mrs. Pitwell’s aim above all is to have a happy class in which everyone looks forward to coming to school.

Mrs Kirk

Year 4

Mrs Kirk is funny, caring and very kind. She helps us to learn in fun ways.
She is friendly and tries not to shout! Mrs Kirk always solves any problems we have if we tell her.
She loves to sing – especially when we have a spelling test. Mrs Kirk is in charge of DT in school.

Mrs Bowmar

Year 5B

Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you will reach the stars.
Mrs Bowmar encourages us to aim to be the best that we possibly can be. We have to have big dreams and aspirations and believe we can achieve these. In order for us to reach our goals, Mrs Bowmar teaches engaging lessons to help us continue to be enthusiastic about our learning. If we need help, Mrs Bowmar is always there to support us, as well as reassuring us that making mistakes is very normal.
Mrs Bowmar is new to Burgh School, but is enjoying her time teaching in Year 5.
Out of school, Mrs Bowmar tells us that she loves to visit animal parks with her little boy, Luen. He is still only a baby and not even at school yet! When she has spare time, Mrs Bowmar runs her own judo club and has been doing this sport since she was eight years old.

Mrs Walton

Acting Deputy Headteacher, Year 5W

According to the children … Mrs Walton is super smiley, jolly, kind, caring and scary at times!
Mrs Walton has high expectations and sets firm boundaries. She is encouraging and has high aspirations for each and every child. She loves her job!

Miss Millman

Year 6

Miss Millman is our lovely Year 6 teacher. If she is not in a good mood (which doesn’t happen very often!) you’d better do as you are told. She is polite and helpful. She is always a good friend to other staff. She has a secret stash of chocolate and loves to bake. Miss Millman is in charge of History and Geography in school.

Mrs Arnold

Pupil Premium and Curriculum Development cover teacher

Mrs Arnold always loses her glasses! She is very funny and has a good sense of humour. Mrs. Arnold has been at Burgh since 2001. In the past she has spent a lot of time teaching Year 3, before teaching lots of different classes last year as well as intervention groups. She is also really good at Art!

Teaching assistants

Jordan Allen
Marie Brereton
Alison Gray
Angela Holmes
Sue Holiday
Helen Hulley
Janette Krause
Debbie Lammiman
Clare Macklin
Esther Ranyard
Jean Robinson
Molly Hall 

Lunchtime Staff

Lisa Newman (Midday Controller)
Tania Bullion
Sandra Hayter
Leanne Bearman
Alison Allenby
Molly Hall
Helen Marchant
Ruth Burgess
(Play Co-ordinator)

Admin Team

Jo Barry


Patricia Cheeseman


Site Team

Robert Allsop


Steven Webster